The Childhood of Phillis Wheatley:
How Her Literary Development Lead to Her Freedom

A Drawing Book for Self Expression

Compiled & Edited By Leon Dixon

(Based on the book Life and Works of Phillis Wheatley by Gloster Herbert Renfro and the biographies Phillis Wheatley by Merle Richmond and Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons: The Story of Phillis Wheatley by Ann Rinaldi.)


  1. Hello
  2. My Early Memories
  3. The Slave Auction
  4. My New Home
  5. How I Got My Name
  6. Learning to Read and Write
  7. Learning Latin
  8. My Friend Obour Tanner
  9. Writing Poems of my Own
  10. The Boston Massacre
  11. Becoming Known
  12. On The Decision to Publish My Poems/A>
  13. Looking To England for Publication
  14. Finding an English Publisher
  15. Obtaining Witness of my Work
  16. Dedication of my Manuscript
  17. Having my Portrait Made
  18. Going to England
  19. My Time in England
  20. My Need to Return Home
  21. On My Obtaining Freedom
  22. Editorial Comments

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