The Childhood of Ida B. Wells:
Learning to Stand Her Ground

A Drawing Book for Self Expression

Compiled & Edited By Leon Dixon

(Based on the book A Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells, edited by Alfreda M. Duster)


  1. Hello
  2. Holly Springs, Mississippi
  3. The Civil War's End
  4. About My Father
  5. About My Mother
  6. My Father Goes Out On His Own/A>
  7. My Father's Political Interest
  8. Our Schooling
  9. My Mother's Teachings
  10. My Grandmother's Visit
  11. The Yellow Fever Outbreak
  12. Receiving Horrible News
  13. My Decision to go Home
  14. Arriving Home
  15. Of My Father's Last Days
  16. Head of the Family
  17. The Masons Offer of Help
  18. Keeping My Family Together
  19. Adjusting to my New Responsibilities
  20. Moving to Memphis
  21. Editorial Comments

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