The Childhood of Harriet Tubman:
And How She Learned About Nature

A Drawing Book for Self Expression

Compiled & Edited By Leon Dixon

(Based on the biographies Harriet Tubman: Conductor of the Underground Railroad by Ann Petry; Harriet Tubman by Earl Conrad, and Harriet Tubman: The Moses of Her People by Sarah Bradford. And the children's biography, Harriet Tubman, by Kathie Billingslea Smith.)


  1. Hello
  2. My Early Name
  3. My Early Life
  4. My Ashanti Ancestry?
  5. The Unfairness of the System
  6. Memories of My Parents
  7. My First Time Away From Home
  8. Getting Sick and Returning Home
  9. My Mother Nurses Me Back to Health
  10. Hired Out Again
  11. I Learned to Sleep Light
  12. The First Time I Ran Away
  13. My Bandana as a Sign of Womanhood
  14. Hearing of the Underground Railroad
  15. The Effects of Slave Revolts
  16. Helping a Runaway
  17. My Sleeping Sickness
  18. Living With Uncertainty
  19. My Love of Being Outside
  20. Lessons From My Father
  21. Praise From My Father

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