The Childhood of Frederick Douglass:
And His Motivation to Learn to Read

A Drawing Book for Self Expression

Compiled & Edited By Leon Dixon

(Based on the autobiographies Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and Life and Times of Frederick Douglass)


  1. Hello
  2. My Grandmother's Care
  3. My Mother's Visits
  4. My Grandmother's Talent
  5. Learning of Being Enslaved
  6. My Journey From Home
  7. Being Left Alone
  8. Adjusting to New Environment
  9. Questioning Slavery
  10. Why the Enslaved Sings
  11. Experiencing Hunger
  12. Experiencing my Mother's Love
  13. Learned my Mother Could Read
  14. My Early Chores & Experiences
  15. Learned I was to be Sent Away
  16. Exposed to the Wonders of Reading
  17. Denied the Chance to Learn
  18. Realizing the Value of Knowledge
  19. How I Learned to Read
  20. Reading The Columbian Orator
  21. Helping Others & Gaining a Mentor
  22. Learned of Escaping to the North
  23. How I Learned to Write
  24. Determined to Become My Own Master

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