My father had begun barbering. He also had a lot of "extra manners" that the Burgharts weren't used to. Consequently, they never took to him and made him very uneasy. He soon left and went to New York. My mother, who had grown unsure of my father's stability, chose not to follow him there. And after two years, their marriage fell apart.

We then moved to the Egremont Plain where my grandparents lived. My grandfather, Othello, died in 1873, when I was five years old. After that our family fell on hard times. My grandmother, Sally, was forced to sell our land to settle debts. Our family then moved to Great Barrington.

I don't remember ever seeing my father. And I don't know where or when he died. *

*Alfred Du Bois died December 9, 1887 at the age of eighty-four.

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