The Childhood of Benjamin Banneker:
His Early Educational and Scientific Development

A Drawing Book for Self Expression

Compiled & Edited By Leon Dixon

(Based on the biographies Benjamin Banneker: Surveyor, Astronomer, Publisher, Patriot by Charles A. Cerami, The Life of Benjamin Banneker: The First African American Man of Science by Silvio A Bedini, and Benjamin Banneker: Astronomer and Mathematician by Laura Baskes Litwin)


  1. Hello
  2. My Grandmother Molly
  3. How My Grandmother Came to America
  4. My Grandmother's Farm
  5. My Grandmother's Farm Hands
  6. The African Prince
  7. My Grandparents' Family
  8. My Parents
  9. My Early Years With My Family
  10. Lessons and Stories From My Grandmother
  11. Our Farm and Home
  12. A Scary Experience
  13. My Short Time in School
  14. Self Study
  15. My Teen Years
  16. An Unforgetable Day
  17. The Day's Horrible Experience
  18. The Day's Experience
  19. The Day's Good Experience
  20. Examining A Watch
  21. My Wooden Clock

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