Thoth and the Woodcutter

A WOODCUTTER was cutting wood on a riverside when he lost his axe in the water. With no one there to help him, he sat down on the river back and began to cry.

Thoth (an ancient Egyptian god) felt sorry for him and dove into the water and brought up a golden axe. He asked the Woodcutter if this was his axe, and the Woodcutter said "No."

He dove in again and brought up a silver axe and asked the woodcutter if this one was his. And again the Woodcutter said "No."

When he went down a third time and brought up the Woodcutter's axe, the Woodcutter said, "That is the right one."

Thoth was so pleased with his honesty that he gave him the other two axes as well.

The Woodcutter told one of his friends what happened. Who then hurried to the river, and after throwing his axe into the water, sat down and cried.

Again Thoth felt sorry for him and dove down and brought up a golden axe. When he asked if this was axe his, the Woodcutter's Friend joyfully said, "Yes."

Thoth was so disgusted with the lie that left without giving him the golden axe or his own axe in the river.

What MORAL did you get from this FABLE?

Aesop's Life
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