What's Important To Me?

Take a few minutes to think about the meaning of the items listed below.
Indicate the items that are important to you with a check mark.

  1. A physical appearance to be proud of
  2. To graduate with honors
  3. Being an honest person
  4. To have political power
  5. Being known as a "real" person
  6. A meaningful relationship
  7. Have good self-confidence & personal growth
  8. Enjoyment of nature & beauty
  9. A life with meaning, purpose, fulfillment
10. Continuing to learn and gain knowledge
11. A chance to help the sick and disadvantaged
12. To be attractive to others
13. Some honest & close relationship
14. A long and healthy life
15. A meaningful relationship with God
16. A good marriage
17. Satisfaction/success in the career of your choice
18. An equal opportunity for all people
19. Freedom to live life as you want
20. A financially comfortable life
21. Accomplish something worthwhile
22. A secure and positive family life
23. An enjoyable, leisurely life
24. Unlimited travel, fine foods, entertainment, recreational and cultural opportunity
25. Getting things changed for the better
26. A beautiful home in the setting of your choice
27. A chance to develop creativity/potential in any area
28. Owning a possession of great value
29. To speak up for my personal beliefs
30. To have better feelings about myself
31. To be needed and to be important to others
32. To be a good parent
33. To have a better relationship with my parents
34. To be sexy
35. To persevere in what I am doing
36. Time for prayer
37. To give of myself freely in helping others
38. A safe and secure environment
39. To be loved by a special few
40. To be trusted by others

List below the number of the 5 items that are most important to you.

1.        2.        3.        4.        5.

This analysis was developed by "Character Plus."

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